A Sample Application of Weldable Webbing

weldable webbing holds up this giant banner -- updated 2015Weldable Webbing adds strength and structure, while also improving the reliability of grommets. PVC coated weldable webbing performs equally well with either high frequency, hot-air, or wedge welding. Call us today at 610-520-9015 for more info, or simply hit our Contact Form.

PVC-Coated Weldable Webbing is used on the frame, and that frame is bolted into the brick wall with concrete anchors and washers. This giant banner (picture on the right) has been installed opposite the Fleet Center in Boston for over two years (it may have to hang there a long time before the Celtics regain their dynasty status).

You Can Build a Better Banner!

The new generation of large banners and vinyl signs — especially the wide-format style — are beautiful, impressive, entertaining, and powerful tools of communication…

…be sure that you can install the banners you print with complete confidence.

Eliminate the biggest cause of grommet failure (material stretch under tension and jerking) with effective weldable webbing technologies.

Consider These Construction Applications:

Trim to Edge:
This adds edge structure and grommet reinforcement, and is many times stronger than simply folding over the thin banner fabric.

Pocket Seam Reinforcement:
Apply webbing over the seam where webbing is folded onto itself for a stronger pocket. Apply a length of webbing at ends of pockets.

Radiated Grommet Reinforcements:
Weld short lengths of webbing over edge webbing to take up additional load at corners and other grommet points.

Structural Members:
At seams or simply across the span of a heavy or highly stressed sign or banner, weld material the full length of the fabric and insert grommets into the webbing ends. The load on the sign is thereby carried entirely by the webbing.

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