Automotive Seat Belt Webbing Seconds

Rosemont Textiles maintains a variety of contacts with leading weaving mills. Our large inventory of after-market seat belt webbing and seat belt seconds is sure to have material of interest to you. Give us a call or use our contact form to quickly find out about our inventory, pricing, & availability.

Industry Standard Polyester Seat Belt:

Polyester Seat belt

Polyester Seat Belt

This pic shows black, gray, tan seat belt webbing material of various panel constructions.
Seat belt material is woven for the automotive industry to break at 6,000 lbs. Our stock is uncertified “aftermarket” automotive seat belt which varied from certain inspection criteria such as color, shade match, elongation, width tolerance, or weaving variations.

We do not deal in “leader” material.

Seat belt webbing is woven to international standard widths (46 – 49 mm wide) most commonly available at 47 mm (1.85 inches). This 47 mm seat belt strap is often called “two inch” but in fact is not woven to that literal width. This webbing material is not certified or recommended for safety applications.

Purchasing Aftermarket Seat Belt Material

* select color: black, grey, and tan (occasionally other colors become available)
* select volume (price per yard is primarily a function of volume)
* select roll size (again, this influences price)
We are here to service your goals for quality, quantity, and price.

Aftermarket Seat Belt Examples

Single 100-yard rolls & other small quantity purchases:webbing-seatbelt-off-roll-2014

100-yard rolls of seat belt webbing material are packaged up to five rolls per shipping carton. Rolls weigh approximately 12 lbs. 5-roll cartons weigh approximately 62 lbs. and can be shipped easily by UPS.

Simple cut lengths and cut lengths processed with additional shop labor for hole drilling or sewn loops:

We will be happy to quote on your specific automotive seat belt strap / webbing needs. Our computer-controlled hot cutters with variable angle blades can produce cut pieces to your specs.

Also ask about our custom equipment which is ready to fabricate your industrial sling.

Full pallets of mill standard rolls:

Mill shipments of automotive seat belt web material usually include 80 production rolls on a pallet. Rolls are usually 220 yards each (four stacks of 20). This yields 17,600 yards. Pallets are sorted by color but not by shade or panel construction.

Let us know what you need. We promise a prompt, competitive quote!
Custom straps: automotive seat belt webbing is ideal for custom straps. Visit our one-way disposable cargo sling page to see more…

Trucking Industry:

Aftermarket seat belt webbing is great for your cover and tarp reinforcement needs! Applications include
* grommet reinforcement material
* Loop straps with D-rings
* Custom strap components

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