Disposable “One-Way” Industrial Strap

one-way-strapWe fabricate inexpensive one way industrial cargo webbing strap (also known as 1-way strap) for bundling, large-carton packaging, and other throw-away single use applications using polyester seatbelt webbing material. Just call us now and we will gladly tell you about our inventory, pricing, and availability. Automotive seatbelt is a versatile webbing that provides a great strength-to-cost ratio. You can use it to efficiently move and bundle materials during the production cycle. Yet this cargo strap solution is cheap enough to send along with each shipment making it easier for your customers at the other end! This lifting strap or sling is used to safely move your valuable units in the factory and to lower it into a protective shipping form for safe delivery. The strap then travels with the product for easy removal by the customer.









Eye-to-Eye Bundling Cargo StrapsP

Be sure to ask about our strong, durable Tyvek usage and warning label for your custom single-use cargo web. Very affordable, and quickly delivered as part of your total solution.





Continuous Loops Lifting Strap Webbing

One-Way-Strap-Drawing-conloopwThese continuous-loop strap are used in large cartons to assist in removing heavy products packaged with full foam spacing support. An amazing solution to a big problem, so be sure to call and ask for sizes and quantities that will solve your packaging and lifting situations today. One-Way-Strap-Drawing-eyedspsw

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