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Rosemont Textiles is an industrial distributor of seatbelt webbing, sling, custom strap, and carefully selected high quality odd lots.

Our large inventory of after-market webbing and seat belt seconds is sure to have material of interest to you.

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Rosemont Textiles Is Your #1 Seatbelt Webbing Supplier
Over the decades we have grown and evolved to meet the market’s needs as an industrial distributor of polyester seat belt webbing, and are known as specialists in all areas of this narrow fabric market.

This versatile webbing’s popularity continues to grow year after year because of its great strength-to-cost-ratio (which our clients love).

Seatbelt material is woven for the automotive industry to break at 6,000 lbs. Our stock is uncertified “aftermarket” automotive seat belt which varied from certain inspection criteria such as color, shade match, elongation, width tolerance, or weaving variations.

This material is not recommended and should not be used for safety applications.

Seat belt webbing is woven to international standard widths (46 – 49 mm wide) most commonly available at 47 mm (1.85 inches). This 47 mm seat belt strap is often called “two inch” but in fact is not woven to that literal width. This webbing material is not certified or recommended for safety applications.


We do not import our Seatbelt webbing! All our material is North American made.


by-the-pallet seat belt overrun materials 2014Our pallets of automotive seatbelt webbing material usually include 80 production rolls on a pallet. Rolls are usually 220 yards each (four stacks of 20). This yields 17,600 yards.

We are able to provide 100 yard rolls if needed and also provide seatbelt webbing by the roll (contact us for pricing)


We have the latest equipment to provide you with custom cut lengths as well as custom sewn straps. All manufactured to your specs.

Industrial Strap Weldable Webbing Sewing Machine 2018March03


We promise a prompt, competitive quote and in most cases orders are shipped within a couple of days!
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This webbing’s popularity continues to grow year after year because of its great strength-to-cost-ratio (which our clients love).
Here are just of few of the many popular applications of automotive seatbelt webbing:

  • Lifting straps and one way lifting slings
  • Custom strap components
  • Loop straps with D-rings
    • Slings and Pull Straps
    • Modular Home Construction
    • Tarps and Covering Systems
    • Grommet Reinforcement Material for Tarps
    • Bulk Bags and Flexible Containers
  • Cargo Handling
  • Packaging
  • Doors
    • Crafts
    • Awnings
    • Hay Tarps
    • Nursery Trade
    • Buffer Web and Cargo Nets
    • Ag Ties and Tie Downs


Disposable “One-Way” Industrial Straps

We fabricate inexpensive one way industrial cargo webbing strap (also known as 1-way strap) for bundling, large-carton packaging, and other throw-away single use applications using polyester seatbelt webbing material.
Just call us now and we will gladly tell you about our inventory, pricing, and availability.


Automotive seatbelt is a versatile webbing that provides a great strength-to-cost ratio. You can use it to efficiently move and bundle materials during the production cycle. Yet this cargo strap solution is cheap enough to send along with each shipment making it easier for your customers at the other end!

This lifting strap / sling is used to safely move your valuable units in the factory and to lower it into a protective shipping form for safe delivery. The strap then travels with the product for easy removal by the customer.

Eye-to-Eye Bundling Cargo Straps

Be sure to ask about our strong, durable Tyvek usage and official warning label for your custom single-use cargo web. Very affordable, and quickly delivered as part of your total solution.

 Sling Eye-To-Eye Web from Rosemont Textiles Custom Weldable Webbing

Continuous Loops Lifting Strap Webbing

These continuous-loop straps are used in large cartons to assist in removing heavy products packaged with full foam spacing support. An amazing solution to a big problem, so be sure to call and ask for sizes and quantities that will solve your packaging and lifting situations today.

Ready to hear more about our one way strap or sling products?
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A Sample Application of Weldable Webbing

Weldable Webbing adds strength and structure, while also improving the reliability of grommets. PVC coated weldable webbing performs equally well with either high frequency, hot-air, or wedge welding. Call us today for more info, or simply to resolve any technical inquiries (equipment, welding methods, material, etc.).

weldable webbing holds up this giant banner -- updated 2015This giant banner has been installed opposite the Fleet Center in Boston for over two years. It is bolted into the brick wall with concrete anchors and washers through a frame of PVC-Coated Weldable Webbing. (It may have to hang there a long time before the Celtics regain their dynasty status)

You Can Build a Better Banner!

The new generation of large banners and vinyl signs — especially the wide-format style — are beautiful, impressive, entertaining, and powerful tools of communication…

…be sure that you can install the banners you print with complete confidence.

Eliminate the biggest cause of grommet failure (material stretch under tension and jerking) with effective weldable webbing technologies.

Consider These Construction Applications:

Trim to Edge: adds edge structure and grommet reinforcement, and is many times stronger than simply folding over the thin banner fabric.

Pocket Seam Reinforcement: Apply webbing over the seam where webbing is folded onto itself for a stronger pocket. Apply a length of webbing at ends of pockets.

Radiated Grommet Reinforcements: weld short lengths of webbing over edge webbing to take up additional load at corners and other grommet points.

Structural Members: At seams or simply across the span of a heavy or highly stressed sign or banner, weld material the full length of the fabric and insert grommets into the webbing ends. The load on the sign is thereby carried entirely by the webbing.

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