Rosemont Textiles Webbing Supplier

Industrial Seat Belt Webbing Distributor

Rosemont Textiles is an industrial distributor of seatbelt webbing, sling, industrial strap, custom strap, and carefully selected high quality odd lots.

In addition to supplying webbing to various industries Rosemont Textiles also buys and sells various textile products.

Automotive Seatbelt Webbing

Rosemont Textiles Is Your #1 Aftermarket Seatbelt Web Material Supplier
Over the decades we have grown and evolved to meet the market’s needs as an industrial distributor of polyester seat belt webbing, and are known as specialists in all areas of this narrow fabric market.

This versatile webbing’s popularity continues to grow year on year because of its great strength-to-cost-ratio (which our clients love).

Here are just of few of the many popular applications of automotive seatbelt webbing:
– Slings and Pull Straps
– Bulk Bags and Flexible Containers
– Modular Home Construction
– Tarps and Covering Systems
– Buffer Web and Cargo Nets
– Ag Ties and Tie Downs
– Land Fill Covers
– Cargo Handling


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One Way Strap

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